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Advanced Facial Aesthetics
by Professional Doctors

Botox For Facial Wrinkles

Botox® has been used for a variety of medical conditions since the 1980s, and in recent years has become one of the most prevalent cosmetic procedures on the market. Its effectiveness in reducing the appearance of certain types of facial wrinkles makes it a popular anti-ageing treatment.

Botox has a long history of safety data, with 26 million procedures undertaken in 20 years. 100% of our Botox injections are administered by our medical doctors, who are fully registered with the General Medical Council.

Botox is one of Dermaskin Clinic’s most popular treatments.  All our new Botox patients will receive a free review and top-up treatment two weeks after their first injection.   In addition to the treatment of frown lines and wrinkles alternatively it can also be used to treat Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating).

Botox Treatment Areas

– Forehead Lines Botox
– Glabellar Lines (Frown) Botox
– Crow’s Feet (side of the eyes) Botox
– Infra-orbital lines (below the eyes – subject to skin condition)
– Peri-oral lip lines (lipstick bleed lines – sometimes combined with dermal fillers)
– Chin puckering
– Nasal flaring

As an overall treatment plan we  may also suggest that these anti-ageing injections be used in conjunction with other non-surgical treatments such as skin peels, dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing it can enhance and maintain results for longer periods of time.” ”>

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