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InstaVein™ Instant Thread Vein Removal

"It was literally amazing watching my spider veins just disappear!" Natalie, Cardiff (September 2015)

InstaVein™ is a revolutionary system that works by treating the thread veins in situ, under the skin.
It works INSTANTLY to remove the spider veins or thread veins before your very eyes.

How Does InstaVein™Work

It is a painless thread vein removal technology and it works by using vibro-heating in the vein using a fine tip.
By doing so, there is no damage to the surrounding skin.
There is almost no down-time and the vein is instantly destroyed.

Is It Painful

Not at all!
In fact, a few of our clients starting laughing whilst having treatment as they said that it tickled.
Don’t worry, as it does not hurt and all you will feel is a little pinching sensation.

How Long Does It Take

Not long at all.
This is a true lunchtime procedure and we want to make it available to everyone who wants to get rid of their unsightly thread veins.
Expect to be with us between 10 – 15 minutes depending on the area treated.
Watch the video below to see how quickly and instantly it actually works.


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