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Botox For Tension Headaches at Dermaskin Clinic

DermaSkin Clinic’s Dr. Sid Gautam feels that the results achieved by Botox for headaches (tension headaches) are exceeding patients’ expectations.

Cardiff, September 2009 – “Botox is well known to treat facial wrinkles, mild and moderate lines and to rejuvenate tired faces. However, its lesser known application include treating people who suffer with tension headaches that aren’t responding to painkillers. Botox for headaches uses slightly higher doses of the toxin and is injected directly into the affected areas” says Dr Sid Gautam of

He added that, “Every patient who suffers with tension headaches often do not even know that there is the possibility of using botox to help alleviate their problem. Botox for tension headaches works well and all our patients are very pleased with their results. Botox for headaches is a definite hit with our patients, especially when they have tried all the usual painkillers.”

Speaking on the findings, Dr. Sid Gautam said, “Botox can be safely used in the hands of an experienced practitioner and we have been providing botox to treat headaches successfully for a while now.”” ”>