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St George’s Day

We are specialists in safe non-surgical treatments to enhance your natural beauty.

All the treatments offered are carried out by professionals trained specifically in the procedures offered.

Saint George, born between the years 275 and 285 AD, is the Patron Saint of England.  He is widely celebrated around the world in Anglican Churches and various Christian denominations.

St George the Patron Saint of England.

St George the Patron Saint of England.

The reason why we write about him today is that he died on April 23rd 303 and therefore today is St George’s Day.

Another reason is that he is the Patron Saint of skin disease sufferers and syphilis patients.

Now I bet you didn’t know that!

(FYI – If you do suffer with syphilis, the treatment is quick and simple with a course of oral antibiotics, so please do not ignore the symptoms, which you can read about here.)” ”>

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