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Advanced Facial Aesthetics
by Professional Doctors


The 'Liquid Facelift': natural, gradual, and clinically proven facial volume enhancement.


*Also known as New Fill in some countries.


Spotlight on Sculptra


Sculptra is a sophisticated injectable anti-ageing treatment that enhances lost facial volume. It promotes natural collagen production allowing facial tissue to regain youthful ‘plumpness’. Facial structure is enhanced, folds and wrinkles are reduced and the face appears younger.


Within the cosmetics industry Sculptra is often categorised as a dermal filler but it is not a true dermal filler and does not aim to replace traditional fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm or Restylane.


Sculptra is a unique product that works to naturally volumise and repair the ageing face. It does not mask the effects of ageing, but actively targets the primary underlying cause of facial ageing; collagen loss.


Sculptra Q&A


Q. WHAT is Sculptra



Sculptra is a biocompatible and biodegradable synthetic material. Its primary active component is known as poly-L-lactic acid which has been used in the medical world for decades in the form of dissolvable stitches.


Once injected, Sculptra is absorbed naturally by the body and as it breaks down it stimulates GENUINE collagen production around the injection site.


The increased collagen increases facial volume and skin is better supported, creating a visible lift.



Q. HOW does Sculptra differ from traditional dermal fillers

A. Traditional fillers SIMULATE, Sculptra STIMULATES.


Traditional dermal fillers involve injecting a substance which in itself acts as an internal support to facial structure, and the effect is immediate. By comparison Sculptra does not directly provide support, but instead stimulates facial skin structure to rejuvenate itself by way of increased collagen production.


Traditional dermal fillers are particularly effective in high precision cases, such as inverting pock marks, reshaping lips or reducing deep ‘crow’s feet’. However, it is much more difficult to achieve a good generalised and natural-looking facial lift using traditional fillers.


Sculptra is more easily feathered to merge seamlessly with surrounding tissue and because the lifting effect comes from real rejuvenation the overall effect is particularly believable.



Q. WHY use Sculptra

A. Sculptra LIFTS and RENEWS an ageing face, and it lasts.


Sculptra stimulates the body to produce its own collagen so the treatment delivers graduated and natural results.


This is no instant or superficial fix!


Sculptra works over weeks and months to stimulate REAL collagen production. This means an incredibly natural look can be achieved – in essence, you are turning back the years to when your collagen production was naturally higher.


The primary aim with Sculptra is NOT TO AUGMENT your facial structure but to REVERSE the ageing effects of volume loss.


Facial volume is renewed, cheekbones are enhanced, and as a result the face appears to LIFT back into its youthful position.


Because the improvements are REAL, they tend to last longer. Studies regularly show the effects of Sculptra to last at least two years.



Q. WHERE can Sculptra enhance

A. Sculptra can be used across the mid-lower face to sculpt and volumise.


Sculptra is a volumising agent and is primarily used in the mid-lower facial region where it treats whole areas rather than individual wrinkles.


It should not be considered for use to treat eye wrinkles or lips (read more about Dermal Fillers for these areas).


Sculptra can target the following areas very successfully:


– Nasolabial folds: the creases running from nose to corner of mouth
– Marionette lines: the lines running from the corners of the mouth to the jawline
– Cheeks and Cheekbones: where loss of volume is an issue
– Shallow scarring – Hollow areas under eyes


One of the most common place that Sculptra is used is for lower smile lines (or nasolabial folds) which run downwards between the nose and mouth corners.


To achieve this, Sculptra is injected around the cheek bones to improve structure, which lifts the sagging skin thereby reducing the folds. It’s pretty clear why it is known as a ‘Liquid Face Lift’!



Q. WHO should use Sculptra

A. Sculptra gives best results in people who have lost facial volume due to ageing.


Sculptra provides best results in patients who have lost facial volume due to the ageing process; typically patients in their mid-thirties and upwards, particularly those concerned about deepening of the naso-labial and marionette lines or loss of volume in the cheek area, are good candidates.

Arrange a consultation with one of the Dermaskin Doctors to find out if Sculptra is for you.



Q. WHEN does Sculptra treatment need to be repeated

A. Sculptra has been shown to regularly last two years in patients, but maintenance treatments are advised for some patients in order to maintain optimum results.


Sculptra treatment is tailored to each patient. Patients may initially need 3 or more treatments to see optimum results. These would be administered 4-6 weeks apart so that enhancements can be monitored.


Once the treatment schedule has been completed the effects will likely last a couple of years. The number of initial treatments needed depends on the amount of collagen loss.


In order to maintain optimum results, we will invite you to have a review appointment at 12 months post treatment, where we may recommend maintenance top-ups.


The effects of Sculptra slowly diminish as collagen production reduces. In order to maintain optimum results we recommend maintenance treatments are carried out before the full effects have worn off.


The Sculptra Procedure


Step 1: Facial evaluation

• The Dermaskin Doctor will examine your face and assess the areas to be treated.
• Makeup will be removed and the skin cleansed with an antibacterial agent
• Photographs may be taken


Step 2: Injection strategy marking

• Strategic points on your face will be marked as target injection sites. These will likely take the form of a ‘cross-hatch’ pattern across a target area.
• Local anaesthetic or icing may be used to help reduce discomfort.


Step 3: Series of injections

• Injections of the solution are injected just under the skin at the target sites.
• Injections are administered via an incredibly fine needle.


Step 4: Massage of the injection sites

• In order to ensure even distribution of product, the Doctor will massage the injection sites for a few minutes.
• You will be advised to continue this massage technique yourself over the next five days to minimise the chance of small lumps forming beneath the surface and to help distribute the product.


Sculptra Aftercare


After treatment the injection sites may be a little tender. Some mild swelling and discolouration may be evident, but this should subside quickly.

The most important part of Sculptra Aftercare is to massage the injection sites. This is to ensure even distribution of the product so that new collagen production occurs over the entire target area.


Sculptra Massage:


At Dermaskin we recommend independent massage of the area FIVE times per day, for FIVE minutes each time, over the next FIVE days.




It is important to remember that Sculptra is NOT designed to give instant results.


There MAY be some initial positive signs but this is often due to mild swelling around the injection site and the addition of water to the area (water is contained within the Sculptra formula). Within days the treated area will look just as it did before treatment.


Do not worry. This is expected. Over the following weeks your body will produce increased collagen in the target areas and improvements will be noticed.


Initially it may take multiple treatments in order to achieve optimum results. Once desired results have been achieved, maintenance sessions should only be needed every 1-2 years.

Safety Information


With any cosmetic enhancement it is strongly advised that you choose a reputable and experienced clinician.


But because the effects of Sculptra are so long lasting it is essential the procedure is done correctly.


At Dermaskin our Doctors are highly experienced in administering Sculptra treatments.


Please note… you should not use Sculptra if:


  •  you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • skin is infected on inflamed in the treatment area
  • if you have a history or susceptibility to keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring
  • Sculptra has not been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women and Dermaskin do not recommend treatment during this time.

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