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Dermaskin Clinic Warns Against Rogue Botox Practitioners

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Avoid Rogue Botox Practitioners

DermaSkin Clinic’s Dr. Sid Gautam, a leading cosmetic and Botox provider warns patients to be vigilant against unauthorized traders.

Cardiff, March 2009 – “We are trying to make Botox more accessible for people who had not considered trying the procedure before. Nowadays, Botox is not limited to just Hollywood stars, and since the nineties the number of clinics has mushroomed. Although Botox has been used for other conditions in the past such as muscle spasms, cranial nerve disorders and ophthalmic spasm, when the FDA finally approved Botox in the early 90s to be used to treat facial wrinkles, the popularity of the toxin rose tremendously.” Says Dr. Sid Gautam of

He added that, “On any given day, thousands of Botox treatments are carried out in the UK and the US, but with the increase in the number of rogue traders, one must be sure of the credentials of the service provider. It is truly a wonder of science and technology. Botox has been found to be very effective at removing and reducing forehead wrinkle lines and other facial asymmetries. In fact, after a few Botox treatments clients see that their facial lines actually weaken and their skin takes on a more permanently smooth appearance.”

Speaking on the move, Dr. Sid Gautam said, “Botulinum toxin is extremely potent, but Botox injections are diluted to the extent that they are very safe to use clinically and have been proven to be effective and safe in the right hands.”

DermaSkin Clinic medical staff includes only doctors and dental surgeons working in various specialties across South Wales and the Midlands. Each of our doctors has an interest in Cosmetics and is fully trained to provide you with personal advice and treatment.

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