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Botox for depression – What’s the latest?

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“Not currently licenced for use, but the study shows that there is a potential connection between reduction in depression in patient’s with depression. The study was on 74 people and the botox group did show more relief from depression compared with placebo” says Dr Vik of Dermaskin Chester “This does not mean that we will soon be using botox to treat depression in the UK, but it can pave the way for further research into this area”.

When asked about other uses of botox in Chester he continued “Most patients come in for purely aesthetic reasons but we have used botox for headaches, back spasms, and facial tics with great results. It is a shame that such treatments are not widely available on the NHS, but prices have been coming down in the private sector. I would urge the public to remain vigilant and do the necessary background checks on any clinic they may want to attend.”

Whilst this is a promising new advancement in the medical use of botox Dr Vik urged our team that it would take years for trials to be conducted to show a significant improvement in people with depression. Adding that improvements in CBT and group therapies in the current system were probably a better way of treating depression. “It is a good side effect of having botox in the frown, and we may do our own audit to check whether it has affected out current patient list with depression”.

botox chesterChester cosmetic GP, Dr Gautam is a local practicing doctor qualifiying from the prestigious University of Manchester.  He is a fully registered NHS GP and cosmetic expert.  He has performed thousands of specialist non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the UK and abroad.

He is a trainer in Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancement, Chemical Skin Peels and Skin Rejuvenation.  Together with his brother they are researching possible age reversal treatments with specialists in the US.

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